Preschool Ministry

Colonial Heights Preschool Ministry is a safe, secure, and loving environment for children, birth - 4 years old, where they are taught the foundations of faith.  

Our Plan

In the Preschool Ministry, we are “teaching kids and their families to grow up in God’s love.” Our goal is to partner with parents as they disciple their preschoolers on their spiritual journey.

Our ministry's foundation is to teach young children, from the earliest possible moments, to understand the following portraits: God Made Me And I Am Special, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Wants To Be My Best Friend, Jesus Wants Me To Praise Him, Jesus Want Me To Do The Right Thing, and Jesus Wants Me To Help Others.

Preschool should be the place where infants and their parents have the first contact with the family of God outside of the home. We provide a loving, inviting, and secure place where they begin to learn that God made them and they are special.  As they grow, children are involved in both small and large group times that include: Bible study, scripture memory, singing, drama, puppets, crafts, and snacks.

Weekly Schedule

LIFEGroups  |  Sundays at 5PM

Preschoolers will enjoy singing, Bible study, and snacks with their friends every Sunday evening.

Preschool Praisers  |  Wednesdays at 6PM

This fun and engaging time is designed for K3 & K4 and features both small and large group times where kids learn to praise Jesus and honor Him with words, music and movement. Throughout the year, they will help lead in worship on Sunday morning.




Emily Barber

Preschool Discipleship Director

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 613-9761

Gretchen Mahan

Family Discipleship Associate

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 613-2503

Alyssa Southern

Discipleship Apprentice

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (336) 639-4537