Discover what it means to belong.

Membership at Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights is a body of believers united by our desire to follow Jesus Christ and committed to fulfilling the purposes set forth in our Mission Statement.  If God has given you a desire to join with us and support the beliefsfellowship, and mission of our church, we invite you to become a member.  Here are the steps to becoming a member:

1.  Present yourself for membership during any worship service when the invitation is given.

The Pastor will invite those who desire to become members of Colonial Heights to come to the front of the Worship Center where you will be greeted by a minister.  You will then be introduced to a counselor who will accompany you to a quieter place where you will be prayerfully guided in your decision. 

2.  Express your desire for membership through one of the following:
  • Profession of Faith - If you have never received Jesus as Savior and Lord and/or never publicly confessed Him, you will be given an opportunity to do that. After your decision has been confirmed, an appointment will be made for your baptism at Colonial Heights.
  • Transfer of Membership from Another Southern Baptist Church - If you are currently a member of another Southern Baptist Church, you may transfer your membership letter from that church.  Colonial Heights will contact that church to notify them of your decision and request your letter.
  • Statement of Faith - If you have previously made a public decision, acknowledging that you have received Christ as your Savior and Lord, we will be happy to receive you.  It will be necessary for you to be baptized at Colonial Heights if you have never been baptized scripturally (as a believer, by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as a symbol of your salvation).