Family Ministries

Preschool Ministry

In the Preschool Ministry, our goal is to partner with parents as they disciple their children. Preschool should be the place where infants and their parents have the first contact with the family of God outside of the home. We provide a lovinginviting, and secure place where they begin to learn the foundations of following Christ through small and large groups, Bible study, scripture memory, singing and drama, puppets, and crafts.

Weekly Schedule

Life Groups  |  Sundays at 9:30 & 11AM | Preschool Area

Preschoolers will enjoy learning through Bible study, drama, puppets, and crafts with their friends every Sunday morning.

Wednesdays | 6PM | Preschool Area

  • Younger Preschool (Birth-2yrs) | Childcare is available every Wednesday.
  • Older Preschool (3 & 4yrs)  |  Your children will enjoy learning through Bible study, music, and movement in small and large group settings during Preschool Praisers activities.

Contact & Serve

For more information about the Preschool Ministry or ways in which you can serve on the Preschool Ministry team, Contact Emily Barber (Preschool Discipleship Director) at  .

Kids Ministry

CHBC Kids Ministry is the place where kids, K5- 5th grade, are taught to meet Jesus and grow in their knowledge of  Him.

We want them to know for sure that they are loved and cared for, individually and specifically, by a great and mighty God.

Plan/Philosophy Overview:

While the home is the primary place that discipleship should occur, it is our goal to partner with the home to most effectively help boys and girls to realize truths about God. It is our joy to be on this discipleship journey with you and your kids. 

We consider it an awesome privilege and responsibility to teach your kids about the great God we worship. We intentionally plan all activities to clearly display God and his character to kids.

Kids Weekly Schedule

Sunday Worship Gatherings  |  9:30 & 11AM

Families are encouraged to worship together each week during our Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings. During each gathering, be sure to look out for "Hey Kids!", where Pastor Chad will have a unique activity or task for all of the kids in the room that relates to the message.

Life Groups  |  Sundays at 9:30 & 11AM

Life Groups meet each week in The Park (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) and The Warehouse (3rd - 5th Grade). The Park and The Warehouse are located on the first floor of the Generations Building.

Wednesdays @ Colonial Heights |  Wednesdays from 6-7PM

Activities for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade will focus on discipleship to help kids grow to be more like Christ and encourage them to “go” into the world to share the good news. Check the calendar for when each session of classes begins and ends.

Upcoming Events

VBS | June 19-22 • 8:30-11:30

Contact & Serve

For more information about the Kids Ministry or ways in which you can serve on the Kids Ministry team, Contact Gretchen Mahan (Kids Discipleship Director) at  .

Student Ministry

The Student Ministry at Colonial Heights is here for your 6-12th grader. Our desire is to partner with parents to see their teen grow in an understanding of who Christ is, who they are because of Him, and the call that all believers have to make Christ known to others.

Our Purpose

To help students grow to love the Lord with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their strength.

The Student Ministry will:

  • Always promote a parent's leadership and spiritual responsibility for their student.
  • Encourage students' submission to the Lord and their parents.
  • Partner with parents as their student(s) glorify God by making disciples of all nations.
  • Create environments for students and their families to serve the Lord.

High School

Our High School Ministry is designed for 9-12th grade. Through large group times of worship and teaching, as well as small group Bible studies, our prayer is for your student to grow in their understanding of scripture and their love for the Lord.

Middle School

The Middle School Ministry is for students in 6-8th grade. Our middle school students gather with the entire Student Ministry each Wednesday before breaking off for their own unique time of worship and teaching.

Weekly Schedule

Life Groups  |  9:30AM  |  Second Floor (Generations Building)
Students will meet in small and large groups as they study the Word of God and build community within their ministry. 

Wednesday Activities  |  6PM  |  Second Floor (Generations Building)
Students will meet for a time of worship and teaching in a large group setting as they learn what it means to be rooted in Christ. 

Contact & Serve

To learn more about the Student Ministry or how you can be a part of serving on the Student Ministry team, contact Ford Rigney at .

Weekday Preschool

Welcome to the Weekday Preschool at Colonial Heights. As a church, we like to say that together, we glorify God by making disciples of all nations. That mission begins with our youngest kids as they learn the love of God through the tender care of parents and adult teachers at church. In our Weekday Preschool, we seek to provide a place for preschoolers to learn and grow in a safe, fun environment. 

Want to apply for Weekday Preschool 2023/24? CLICK HERE.

2023/24 Programs & Fees

Younger Preschool Program

  • 3 months - Age 2
  • Available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
    • 1 Day (8:30am - Noon) = $110/month
    • 2 Days (8:30am - Noon) = $160/month
    • 3 Days (MWF 8:30am - Noon) = $185/month
    • 3 Days + Lunch Bunch (MWF 8:30am - 2pm) = $260/month
                            *Lunch Bunch is available for older 2's at the discretion of the director.

Older Preschool Program

  • Ages 3 & 4
  • Available Monday through Friday
    • 3 days (MWF • 8:30am - Noon) = $200/month
    • 3 days + Lunch Bunch (MWF • 8:30am - 2pm) = $275/month
    • 5 days (M-F • 8:30am - Noon) = $235/month
    • 5 days + Lunch Bunch ( M-F • 8:30am - 2pm) = $335/month

Payment: Tuition & Lunch Bunch packages will be billed monthly by email for the upcoming month along with any drop-in or late fees. All payments are due by the 10th of the month. Accounts must be kept current for children to attend. *10% fees apply to any payments past due by more than a month.

Various Fees

  • Enrollment Fee: Non-refundable. Due upon enrollment.
    • Younger Preschool: $75
    • Older Preschool: $150

*Multiple Child Discount: Family will only pay one enrollment fee (the higher of the two).

  • Supply Fee: Non-refundable. Due upon enrollment. The Supply Fee covers all “Back-to-School” supplies and other items as requested by the classroom teacher throughout the year. 
    • Younger Preschool: $100
    • Older Preschool (3-day): $130
    • Older Preschool (5-day): $150
  • Drop-In Early Bird Room: Available Monday-Friday • 8:00-8:30am. Subject to availability & billed with following month’s tuition. 
    • Younger Preschool (MWF) = $5/day
    • Older Preschool (M-F) = $5/day
  • Drop-In Lunch Bunch: Available Monday-Thursday • 12-2pm. Regular use of Lunch Bunch should be paid with tuition. Lunch must be provided by the parent. Drop-ins will be subject to availability & billed with following month’s tuition. 
    • Younger Preschool: N/A
    • Older Preschool (Monday-Thursday) = $8/day

Have questions about Weekday Preschool? Interested in employment opportunities? Contact the Weekday Preschool at  or call the church office at 601.956.5000.


Jerry Welch

Family Discipleship Pastor & Elder

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 826-9910

Emily Barber

Preschool Discipleship Director

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 613-9761

Gretchen Mahan

Kids Discipleship Director

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 613-2503

Ford Rigney

Student Discipleship Minister

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 573-5804

Nathan Lucas

Middle School Resident

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 260-7082

Christi Kelly

Weekday Preschool Director

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (504) 220-5850

Janet Howard

Discipleship Assistant

office: (601) 956-5000

mobile: (601) 953-8596