Global Mission Offering

Additional GMO info:

CHURCH PLANTING -  Each year, money is dedicated to the planting of a new church out of Colonial Heights or to support another new plant.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Helping to provide training resources to members preparing to be sent.

STRATUS LAUNCH: UUPG - Stratus is a brand new cooperative effort between several gospel organizations to further identify the remaining Unreached, Unengaged People Groups (UUPG) worldwide. Stratus also seeks to use this extensive data to develop strategies to more effectively deliver the gospel to these people. The goal is to launch STRATUS in early 2021.

URGENT: UUPG - URGENT is a disciple-making effort that has identified believers in 12 of the most closed, persecuted parts of the world. It is training and resourcing these believers to make disciples in very hard places. Learn more.

Missions Training - Defrays some cost for our Short-term Trip Team Members to receive training that makes them eligible to receive scholarships.

Missions Promotion - Covers costs associated with developing new partner relationships globally. 

Missions Team Assistance - Reduces the cost of each Short-Term Team Member's trip expense.