What I am Learning While I have Covid-19

by Chad Hunsberger on February 01, 2021

For some of you, Covid-19 is the worst thing that has ever happened to your family. You may have lost a job, slipped into depression, or worst of all, lost a family member. I realize that the Covid-19 I am currently experiencing is minor in comparison to those stories. However, I want to invite you to pause with me for just a minute and consider 5 truths that God is teaching and reminding me of in these days. 

  1. My body is weak, but my God is strong.  Even though my more significant symptoms have passed, my body is just tired. The prophet Isaiah knew what it felt like to be exhausted, and he did a magnificent job illuminating the Lord’s strength compared to our weakness. Read all of Isaiah 40 to be reminded of the greatness of God.
  2. My family is blessed beyond measure. We have been checked on, provided for, offered assistance, and prayed for in abundance.  So many of you have been a part of this great outpouring of love and concern. We cannot thank you enough!  
  3. My kids have no idea how good their mom is!  Gloria is the best. While I am tucked away in our back bedroom, Gloria is keeping school going while providing meals, snacks, entertainment, more snacks, and just keeping things from falling apart. She is an immense blessing!
  4. The plurality of leadership in our church is more helpful than we ever knew it would be.  When Colonial Heights embarked on the journey of restructuring our leadership plan a couple years ago, we had no idea how helpful it would become.  Even with my unexpected absence (as of Thursday night), Sunday happened without a hitch.  Not only was the morning a great demonstration and reminder of God’s mercy, but our Family Meeting Sunday evening was filled with godly leaders celebrating God-sized blessings in our church. (If you missed the family meeting – it is worth going back and watching!) Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
  5. God is faithful.  I am reminded once again that, regardless of my life situation, God is good, and He is faithful. He is full of mercy and grace. His perfection is not hindered by my imperfections. He blesses us beyond what we could ever deserve.

My prayer is that we may all be reminded of God’s richest blessings as we strive to make Him known in all the earth, even in the middle of a pandemic. Count your blessings today, and be ready to share the reason for the hope we have!

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