The Pursuit

by Chad Hunsberger on September 22, 2020

The Pursuit

“Grab life by the horns.” 

“Shoot for the stars.”  

“Life is either daring adventure or nothing.”

“Make your dreams come true.”

All of these are quotes about pursuing life, giving it your all, and doing what will make you happiest.  I agree with pursuing what’s best for you.  I believe that we should pursue happiness.  I believe we should go after the things that are best for us.  These quotes miss something though.  We tend to believe that what will make us happy is money, or relationships, or stuff.  The idea of right pursuit makes us ask a different set of questions.  Think about it.

When are you going to decide to pursue what’s best for you?

What’s best for you?
Let me tell you what’s NOT best for you...

Husbands- your wife giving you physical affection is not what’s best for you.

Wives- your husbands helping around the house more is not what’s best for you.

Kids- your parents not arguing is not what’s best for you.

Men- those pictures and videos on your phone are not what’s best for you.

Ladies- the smile on your man’s face is not what’s best for you.

Students- straight As and a degree aren’t what’s best for you.

A job, a marriage, a child, a completed adoption, a house payment, retirement, paying off debt, a divorce, a presidential candidate, an opinion about masks, a focus on the virus, these things are not what’s best for you.

And yet we spend so much of our time pursuing these things, some of them even good things and settling for “pursuing God” in an online worship gathering once a week. 

Are we kidding ourselves? Am I kidding myself? I am the worst of all sinners and yet God pursued me He ran after me by coming in the flesh to do what I couldn’t do. So now that I am His. I must...I must pursue Him with a greater vigilance than ever before because He first pursued me.

Let us all be reminded that we must pursue the ONE that is best for us because He has already made us His own.

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