Should You Ask Jesus into Your Heart?

by Chad Hunsberger on May 24, 2021

I remember very distinctly as a young child believing that Jesus was in charge and trusting that Jesus was (and would always be) Lord. I remember being very emphatic that my friends needed to ask Jesus into their hearts.  However, I also remember that every time I shared the gospel with someone and asked them if they would be willing to ask Jesus into their heart, I had to explain to them what that meant.  I had to explain that it did NOT mean that a little Jesus was actually moving into the heart in their chest.  I had to explain that it did NOT mean that Jesus would only be in their heart and not still available to everyone.  I had to explain these things because this phrase does not make much sense.

Now, years later, as I serve as a pastor, I am reminded that the phrases we choose to use, especially when sharing the gospel, are extremely important.  I am regularly wanting the descriptions I give to be easy to understand. Whether I am speaking with a 7 year old child or a 70 year old adult, I want them to comprehend what the Scripture is calling us to do.  In fact, keep in mind that there are perfectly understandable phrases that are marked out in Scripture and those are the ones I try to stick with.

  •       Confess Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:9)
  •       Believe that God raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 10:9)
  •       Repent of your sin (Acts 2:38)
  •       Follow Jesus (Luke 9:23)

These are the phrases that are not only more meaningful because they are found in God’s Word, but they are also more beneficial because they are easier to comprehend.

So, instead of asking Jesus into your heart…confess, believe, repent, follow!

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