Marry Up

by Chad Hunsberger on February 16, 2021

It is pretty often that I am reminded that I married out of my league. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others but most of the time it is evident to everyone.  I mean lets be honest, my life, our household, our children’s doctors, schedules, teachers, and plans would simply fall apart without the organization, planning, and forethought of my wife.  Anyone with two eyes is aware that she is the good-looking one, and anyone who has very lengthy discussions with us knows that she is the grounded one, and the smart one.  So, yeah, I married up.

Earlier this week someone commented to me how amazing Gloria, my wife, is.  I agreed, and then I commented that I married up.  This led me to think…who wants to marry down?  Hopefully, everyone wants to marry someone that they consider out of their league.  You should want to marry someone that you find to be the standard of beauty, the epitome of delight, and the perfect match for you.  Marry up.

Marry someone that pushes you to be better.  Marry someone who makes you want to love them more each day.  And, if you haven’t done that – than you be the one to help them want to be better by loving them endlessly.  You be the one to love them more than they can imagine so that they want to respond with love in return.

This post is not designed to get you to think just simply about how great my wife is (again, it's true, but not the point).  This post is not to get you to feel bad for her that she got stuck with me.  This post, instead, is intended to get you to realize that marrying up is the only way to go.  Reflect on your own marriage and celebrate all the ways that your spouse is better than you!

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