Adoption Testimony of Chad Hunsberger

by Chad Hunsberger on October 27, 2020

I just spent the last several minutes looking back at our first adoption story.  I looked back at an old family blog that we used to keep everyone updated when we were in China getting Lottie to bring her home.  My heart is even now filled with an immense joy as I recall all that God did through that entire process to show Himself faithful.  So many parts of our story to remember, raising money, seeing her picture for the first time, Lottie getting sick within the first few days of being with her, our opportunities to share the gospel while we were there, seeing a host of people at the airport upon our return and so many other memories as well.

Fast forward over 7 years later and we simply have another member of our family.  All that happened and all that took place was certainly a significant journey but it led to an inclusion of our daughter into our family.  We don’t think of her as though she is a late addition, or that she is a lesser version of our children – she in fact is just as treasured as the other two.  We never look at her as anything but ours.

Now we are walking through the process again to get to our son who is in India.  Zeke is his name.  Once again, the Lord is showing His faithfulness as we raise support, have seen his picture, filled out paperwork, and are ready to take whatever step is necessary to get to him and bring him home.  It was completely worth it to take all the steps necessary to bring Lottie home and I have no doubt it will be the same with Zeke.

Isn’t it incredible that the Lord speaks in these same terms when describing His relationship with us?  He calls us His children, adopted into His family.  He describes us as heirs to the throne.  If God looks at me with the same loving eyes that I look at Lottie and Zeke than I am loved far greater than I deserve.  And when I learn that His love for me is a perfect love I am made all the more of its beauty. 

Adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s pursuant grace.  Embrace that gift and rejoice in what He has offered you.

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