7 Places to Go to Share the Gospel

by Chad Hunsberger on April 12, 2021

As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to take the gospel to the lost. We can find lost people all over the world, but sometimes we go day after day without noticing the people closest to us. Here are 7 suggestions of nearby places you can go to share the gospel.

  1. Your House – It is possible that there are people in your family or in your household that need the Lord.  Those closest to you should be the first to hear the gospel from you.
  2. Your Neighborhood – Right after you share with the people in your house, go to the houses next door. God put you in your neighborhood for a reason!
  3. Your Favorite Restaurant – Having brief conversations with the waiter/waitress or the person at the cash register can lead to opportunities to share the gospel. Frequent the same restaurant and build relationships which allow more opportunities over time.
  4. Your School – If you are a student (or teacher), school is where you spend most of your time. Pay attention to the people around you. This is your mission field! 
  5. Your Job – Employment can team us up with an unlikely and diverse crowd. Spending so many hours with your work team can lead to deep conversations. Use those conversations as opportunities to point people to Christ.
  6. Your Church – Look for guests! People visiting your church likely do not know Christ. Engage with them. Strike up conversations. Invite them to lunch. Don’t let the only time they hear the gospel be from the pulpit.
  7. Your Hobby Group – We all like to be around people who like the same things we do. Whatever groups you are a part of -- baseball teams, cheerleading squads, garden clubs, or hunting camps – remember these are full of people who need Jesus.

Think about it, you can use the places you already are – where you live, eat, study, work, or play -- to find lost people who need to hear the good news of the gospel!

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