5 Reasons LIFEGroups Matter

by Chad Hunsberger on September 10, 2020

5 Reasons LIFEGroups Matter

 Here at Colonial Heights we have what we call LIFEgroups.  It doesn’t matter if you call it “small groups,” “life groups,” “home groups,” “community groups,” “Sunday School,” or any other name.  What matters is that your church has them.  We believe that it is both natural and biblical for each individual to have a desire to belong.  We are wired for relationships.  We believe that deeper community allows for deeper relationships.  And in order to have that community and those relationships it takes the effort of getting to know other people.  

Here are 5 reasons that small groups matter.

  1. They provide opportunity for stronger relationships. Small groups allow for people to get to know each other better than simply sitting next to them in a large sanctuary.  They give a chance for more and better conversations.  Those conversations often lead to abiding friendships that can last a lifetime.
  2.  They provide opportunity for deeper study. Typically, the lessons are heavier on the application but they often allow for more personalized interaction in fuller conversation regarding the topic.  It is certainly uncommon to have public interaction with a sermon; however, interaction is highly encouraged during small group studies.  Students can ask questions, share insights, and express personal thoughts.  This allows for a greater depth to the individual study.
  3.  They provide opportunity for more in-depth prayer requests. Usually small groups give time for more specific prayer requests that allow someone to not only be prayed for but also to be followed up with.  These times of prayer request are not for gossip, but instead to invite others to pray for you and with you as you seek the Lord’s will in your life.
  4.  They provide opportunity for more specific service projects. As a result of deeper relationships and more in-depth prayer requests more specific service projects can be developed and carried out.  These points of ministry can be extremely helpful to those within the group.  Sometimes those projects can be specifically related to a group member while other times it is involving the church at large or even the community as a whole.  Whatever the case, groups are often made aware of such a need because prayer requests being shared together.
  5.  They provide opportunity for initial introductions. The fear of a large group can often be intimidating for a first-time guest to attempt a visit in a sanctuary.  However, a small group provides a more casual and comfortable atmosphere for a first-time guest.  Make sure that if you are choosing to visit a new church find a group to plug in to quickly.

If you aren’t in a LIFEgroup here or a small group at your church, find one and give it a try!

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