With great joy and excitement,
we are pleased to introduce
Dr. Chad Hunsberger
as our new Senior Pastor.

He will officially begin on Sunday, July 29.
Don't miss out on this awesome movement of God at CHBC!


Dear Church Family, 

After ten months of concentrated prayer, hours of interviews, multiple visits, and due diligence, the Senior Pastor Search Team is pleased to announce the Holy Spirit has led us to Dr. Chad Hunsberger. Dr. Hunsberger believes God has called him to be our Senior Pastor and the Search Team affirms that call.

Through his documented responses to over 100 questions, multiple interviews, background checks, and testimony from references, we have verified Chad meets the qualifications specified in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. We also assessed and confirmed his ability and commitment to meet the expectations listed in the church profile provided on the Search Team link on the CHBC website. 

Chad has over 17 years of experience in the ministry, serving churches in Alabama and Mississippi. He believes and supports the Baptist Faith and Message. He has a passion for prayer, God’s Word, and the Great Commission. He has been on over 20 mission trips. He preaches powerfully and effectively at his current church. 

One of the individuals we contacted described Chad as a man who loves people. Another described his greatest strengths as his love for the Lord, love for God’s Word, and passion for the lost. Others described him as a visionary, having very strong communication and leadership skills. Chad is spiritually gifted to serve and is able to lead and protect the body of Christ. His devotion to prayer is indicative of his understanding of this aspect of the role of the Senior Pastor as an under-shepherd to the church. 

We were also careful to verify Chad is a collaborative team leader who can develop and lead our staff and lay leaders to follow the Lord in evangelizing and making disciples. He has demonstrated humble servant leadership and the ability to equip others to carry the gospel message. His character has been consistently described as above reproach.

After observing and participating in multiple worship services, we agree Chad is an excellent expository preacher and teacher. We believe Chad holds firm “to the trustworthy word as taught...” as stated by Paul in Titus 1:9. The reading and exposition of the Word are central in worship services led by Chad. He has demonstrated a faith rooted in Scripture. Chad and his wife Gloria have experienced God’s power in their lives. We sense that his life and ministry demonstrate authenticity, integrity, and commitment to the Christian faith. 

As commissioned by the church, the Search Team wholeheartedly recommends the church confirm Dr. Chad Hunsberger as the Senior Pastor of Colonial Heights Baptist Church. We want you to have an opportunity to meet Chad and Gloria and to hear from his heart this weekend. See the “Schedule of Events” on the brochure  for all the details. 

“Chad Hunsberger is a great match for Colonial Heights. His passion for preaching, people, missions, and family will enhance his servant leadership as your Senior Pastor.” -Stan Buckley


The Senior Pastor Search Team
Bob Spring, Chairman

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2 Corinthians 5:17-18