Fulfilling the Great Commission has always been the driving force behind all that has been done to bring us to this point in the unfolding story of who Colonial Heights is. Over the years there have been some people of great faith and great commitment responsible for bringing us to where we are today. Those forerunners, have challenged us, and inspired us, and the blessing of God on their faith and effort has been obvious.

Our Senior Adults are those forerunners. Some of our senior adults were there from the very beginning. Many joined along the way and have given and prayed and worked and invited, investing their life and family in making this a lighthouse in our community that is bright and strong today.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “Forerunner” as one who goes before and in some way announces the coming of others; one who leads the way; one who is out in front. My prayer and ministry goal is that the Senior Adults at CHBC will be recognized, honored and remembered for their faithful service, and that they will continue to set the standard for the rest of the church.

Senior Adults can be, and should be in the forefront of prayer, outreach, worship, missions and ministry. Senior Adult years are not a time to step down, but the best time to step up. The look of what your ministry involvement looks like may change because of where you are in life, but Hebrews 12:1-3 reminds us that we are running a race which involves moving forward in our Christian lives, going somewhere, pressing on for as long as we are alive – knowing that others are following our lead. May all who come behind us find us to have been faithful FORERUNNERS.

As FORERUNNERS who are focused on living out our faith all the days of our lives, we welcome any senior adult who wants to enjoy an atmosphere of love, respect and honor and the opportunity to still be useful to the work of the church.

This is a place where you will be loved and every effort will be made to meet the spiritual, emotional, and changing physical needs that you will face as a senior adult. We hope that you will join us. We truly believe there is no better place for senior adults than in the FORERUNNERS ministry of Colonial Heights.

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Together, we glorify God by making disciples of all nations.