Mar 9-16, 2019 Santa Marta, Colombia
Jun 11-22, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Jun 15-21, 2019 Galette Chambon, Haiti
Jun 16-22, 2019 Inverness, Scotland
Jun 29- Jul 5, 2019 Skye Canyon, NV (Students)
Jul 13-19, 2019 Jonestown, MS
Jul 30- Aug 8, 2019 Uganda
Sep 2019 Barranquilla, Colombia
Sep 28- Oct 4, 2019 Thoman, Haiti
Nov 2-9, 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland


If you have any questions, please contact the Global Discipleship office at 601-956-5000.


A VALID U. S. Passport is required for all International mission trips. 

Visit for instructions and applications.  You may submit your application by appointment at the Post Office on Pear Orchard Road in Ridgeland and other Post Offices.

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Together, we glorify God by making disciples of all nations.