Embracing Our Own is designed to reach out to those that are home bound, in nursing homes, or widowed. This ministry makes visits and writes cards to remind these special people that they are not forgotten in the life of our church. We are providing a touch of encouragement through these simple acts of God's love.

Two Great Ways you can serve:

1. Would you like an easy way to serve, love others, and pray for our widows? 

You simply pray for that person and write a card of encouragement.You will be provided with everything you need: cards, a list of ladies to write, and simply bring them to the church and we will mail them for you.

2. Would you like to make visits to shut-ins and our senior adults? 

We reach out and make visits every other month to those in need of a smile and sweet conversation. If you would like to make visits, these can be made at your convince.

For more information, please contact Tish Fiet.

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Together, we glorify God by making disciples of all nations.