Making Disciples – At Home

Teaching your child to follow Christ is a full-time, 24/7/365, never-off-the-clock kind of job. It literally means that you are always “on” as a parent; that everything you do has the potential to affect the spiritual growth of your kids positively or negatively.

This has become more and more evident to me, not only as I meet with parents and kids, but also as I parent a 12 year old child myself. I am finding there are no hiding places or down times for me as a parent.

For example, I used to think that my child’s sleep time would be my off-the-clock time. Then come the nights where his mind won’t shut down, he feels badly, or just plain cannot get to sleep. As he wanders into what I desire to be my own space and time, I can find myself feeling frustrated or short-tempered with him. At these times I try to remember that my response to him is important as he grows to love and trust the Lord. I determined in my heart while he was still an infant, that any middle-of -the-night interactions with him would be times I would pray specifically for him to grow to be a man who sought after and obeyed the Lord and that the Lord would do whatever it took for this to happen in his life. So now, even at age 12, as I encourage him to go back to bed for the night – again- I am reminded to continue to use these midnight moments to pray for this same thing for him.

So how do we do this job that never ends? How do we disciple our kids to be followers of Christ?

We must be begin by recognizing that from the moment God gave us our children, whether by a personal physical conception or by adoption, He placed in us everything we need to know and be to raise His child. In other words, God perfectly matched each of us with our kids. He is not surprised by the needs or limitations of our children. Neither should we be. We can parent the children God gives us with confidence, resting in this one fact alone.

So now, as we parent, depending on the wisdom and strength that He alone can supply, we can be certain that not only does He know our children intimately, He knows us intimately as well and we can trust Him to show us how to disciple each child He sends our way.

Discipling you kids at home begins with you. Your parenting will always reflect what your heart, soul, and mind are filled with. A parent filled with the Holy Spirit will reflect the love and heart of Jesus - even in the middle of the night.

Check back here often for discipling at home ideas.

-Stephanie Edwards
Posted by Kiley Ham at 7:23 PM
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